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Beautiful Immune System

by TheVaccineMom

The human body amazes me every day. Its perfect and fine-tuned systems of adapting and keeping us running are unlike anything you could even imagine. The immune system is so complex and intricate that scientists are often left baffled by it’s amazing power to protect us. I’m going to break what we do know down into simple parts so that it’s easy to understand the many complex components of the immune system. These lessons are short and sweet; I don’t wish to bore you, but get you interested in your own fascinating body.

Immune System Definitions List

Click below for simple immune system lessons:

Lesson 1: The Two Types of Immunity: Innate and Adaptive

Lesson 2: Protective Immunity

Lesson 3: What is an Antigen?

Lesson 4: Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immunity

Lesson 5: The Fundamental Aspects of Adaptive Immune Responses

Lesson 6: Antibody Classes and the Immunoglobulins Test

Lesson 7: The Beginning Innate Immune Response to a Microbe