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Coronavirus Update (3/21/20)

by TheVaccineMom

Update as of 8:20 am ET:

There are 19775 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 276 deaths due to coronavirus in the U.S. I plan to stop reporting on these numbers, as there may be just as many unconfirmed cases as confirmed cases due to unavailability of tests.

If you are feeling symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. Along with this, many people do not know they are sick and can spread this virus to others without knowing.

The reason to stay home and get better is to eliminate the spread of disease. Most people are able to get over the virus, but there will be many who will fight for their lives. The problem we will face is the lack of hospital resources and staff.

When people flood the hospital, doctors may have to make painful choices, such as who needs care the most. Healthcare staff are vulnerable to disease and therefore there will be more health professionals unable to care for patients

We can keep from flooding hospitals by limiting the spread of disease. THAT is why you need to stay home.

Just like vaccinating your children and yourself, you are not only keeping those you love healthy, but you protect your community. Please stay home. I know it’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s what’s right.

Understand that’s why events, stores, and restaurants are closed. That’s why you need to have a discussion with your children about not getting to go to the playground and canceling playdates and postponing large birthday parties. They will understand.

As the disease spreads across America, we need to be positive and do our human duty to protect others.


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