Here’s where you will be rewarded for getting the flu shot in 2019

Lots of stores pay YOU to get a free flu shot when you use your insurance at their store! Here’s where:

* Publix gives a $10 gift card to their store. But of course, this store is only found in the south. 

* CVS gives a $5 coupon. 

* Target offers a $5 coupon, also.

* Albertsons gives a 10% off your grocery purchase and they have pharmacy locations in several other stores: Safeway, Vons, Shaw’s, Acme, Tom Thumb, Randalls, Pavilions, Star Market, and Carrs stores. 

* Giant Foods gives out a pretty great coupon book good at their store. 

* Kroger offers fuel points.

* Giant Eagle gives out a $5 gift card. 

* Rite Aid offers 30% off. 

* Walgreens gives you $5 off $15, good on the day you get the shot. They also donate 23 cents to the United Nations Foundation when you get the shot—hey, it adds up and you can feel pretty good about doing it. 

* Sam’s Club offers a $30 membership when you get the shot there. 

With insurance, it’s likely the shot will be free. So, this is great incentive to get protected AND be rewarded for it! 

I’ve said in the past that the beginning of November may be the best time to get the shot as it will give you the best protection during peak flu season, but this may not be the case for THIS YEAR (2019). The flu season is hitting early and the CDC recommends you get it this October. 

Hospitals are already getting hospitalizations for people with extreme complications from the flu. It’s best you protect yourself and your family from the flu!! 

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