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Just a few of many numbers you need to know.

by TheVaccineMom

Did you know…

Measles cases in the US are the highest they’ve been since 2016, with successive increases every year.

There are 200+ cases of measles in the US per year. (2019)

The measles still is a leading cause of childhood deaths in children under five worldwide, killing around 400 kids a day.

There are around 100,000 deaths a year. Many cases go unreported so the number may be much higher.

The MMR (measles) vaccine is 97% effective (and safe).

We need 95% of people vaccinated to keep measles out of our communities.

Only 86% of children get the first dose of MMR, and only 69% get the second dose. If they don’t get the second dose, they are not fully protected.

If a group of unvaccinated people are left in a room with just one individual with the measles, 90% of them will most likely get it.

The measles is preventable. Get your kids the MMR vaccine. It’s never too late.

PHOTO CRED: The Scientist Magazine

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