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A story about viral meningitis

Me and my mom (2008)

Meningitis is no joke.

There are all sorts of things that can cause this nasty inflammation (swelling) of the membranes covering the brain, such as a bacterial or vial infection, injury, cancer, certain drugs, among other types of infection.

We have the Meningitis B Vaccine to protect against meningococcal group B bacteria-causing meningitis–a very nasty and potentially deadly form of meningitis. (Bacterial meningitis requires immediate medical attention.)

We also have several vaccines that can help protect from viral meningitis–an often less severe form of meningitis, however still very serious.

This is the story of when my mother contracted viral meningitis… Continue reading

Antibiotics and Viruses

Antibiotics do not fight viruses.

Do NOT take antibiotics when you have a viral infection. It will not make you feel better or be better. It can make you more sick. 

When you take antibiotics for a viral infection it can increase your risk of further infection by increasing antibiotic-resistance. When you take antibiotics for a viral infection it will kill the healthy bacteria in the gut, allowing more harmful bacteria to grow in it’s place–bacteria that can cause actual bacterial infection and bacteria that may become antibiotic resistant.

Do not pressure your doctor give you or your child antibiotics for a viral infection. Ask for ways to lessen the severity of symptoms, get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, and stay inside. Don’t share your cold with the community!