Coronavirus Update (3/6/20)

Update at 9:15am ET

There are currently 233 confirmed cases and 14 deaths due to COVID-19–one death in California and 13 deaths in Washington.

A cruise ship with passengers who have tested positive for COVID-19 is being held in quarantine off the coast of California.

A dog has tested positive cor COVID-19 in China.

A message from me as The Vaccine Mom:

There is a positive COVID-19 case in my county in Florida where a man attended a church just a few miles from my home. I have two small children with no underlying health issues. Because I know that healthy children and healthy young adults tend to show no or mild cold-like symptoms from the coronavirus around 80% of the time, I am not worried for our safety.

That being said…

Should we get it, and we may, as it’s a contagious, airborne disease, I plan to stay home and not pass on the disease to those who may be immunocompromised and could suffer serious consequences from the disease. This is something we need to practice with all diseases.

I hope this helps ease your anxiety a little!


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