Coronavirus Update (3/4/20)

Update at 4:00pm ET

There are currently 149 confirmed cases and 11 deaths due to COVID-19.

The first fatality outside of Washington was in California. An elderly person with underlying health conditions tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday (3/3) after returning from a San Francisco-Mexico cruise and passed away on Wednesday (3/4).

The second death of the day was in Washington, bringing the total in the state to 10.

CNN: US coronavirus deaths rise to 11, with California reporting its first

Update at 1:00pm ET

There are currently 124 cases and 9 deaths due to COVID-19.

Los Angeles declares emergency after confirming six new cases in 48 hours.

Health officials believe there to be 500-600 cases of COVID-19 in the greater Seattle area and have also declared emergency. Officials believe the virus may have been circulating there since mid-January because many people have confused the symptoms with the common cold.

The failure to distribute tests that accurately detect this virus has been frustrating. People who believe they’ve been exposed are not able to be diagnosed, and therefore, are passing the virus unknowingly.

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