The flu is showing up early this year.

I’ve said in the past that research is showing the time for the best immunity to the flu with the flu shot would be to get it in mid-November. The CDC always recommends you get it before the end of October.

This year the flu is showing up early, so it would be best to get it early. As in NOW.

I got both of my children vaccinated two days ago.

The picture shows Stevie getting his shot. He was worried about it but we talked about the importance of the shot the entire drive to the doctor. After getting it he said it barely hurt and that he’d like another, please! (I’m serious!)

It takes two weeks for your body to make immunity to the shot so should you get it now, you will be protected by Halloween.

Here are some places to get a FREE or LOW-COST Shot.

Please note that even if the flu strains that circulate for the year don’t exactly match what’s provided in the shot, they still offer some protection. It may lessen the severity and duration of the flu should you get it. That means it may hit you for a few days versus a few weeks.

Worth it?

I think yes.

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