Judah Maccabee Goes to the Doctor


There are far too few children’s books on vaccines. Too many children are scared and confused about vaccines and it’s time we start the dialog. Our little ones are curious creatures who could benefit from knowing more about why they have to roll up their sleeves for vaccines.

Today, there’s a new children’s book on the shelves that discusses the topic of vaccination: Judah Maccabee Goes to the Doctor.

Author Ann D. Koffsky offers lots to talk about in this interesting children’s book beautifully illustrated by Talitha Shipman.

Judah learns to be a great a big brother after receiving a Maccabee shield for Hanukkah. His grandmother, Bubbe, explains that the shield offered protection to the Jewish people and he can use his shield to protect Hannah, his little sister, from danger.

This theme of protection comes into play when the two children go to the doctor. Judah is scared to get his vaccines, but learns that he is protecting his sister by getting himself vaccinated since his sister is too young to be vaccinated herself.

Judah decides he will be brave and get his shots, and after a tiny “ouch” he’s fine and glad he has helped protect Hannah.

This is a great message about herd immunity and the importance of vaccination.

I read this to my four and a half year old daughter. She understood the story and had a few questions. She wasn’t sure what Hanukkah was so I explained and she thought the Hanukkah story was very interesting. We learned something new!

She loved seeing the little germ illustrations and the dialog when Judah got vaccinated. She’s always been curious about these things, as I talk about them a lot, and after the story ended she said she wanted to go make her own book about germs (and she did)!

Judah Maccabee Goes to the Doctor was a great way to get my little one talking and thinking. She went right on to ask more questions about germs and I made sure to keep adding tidbits about vaccinations. I’m always happy to keep reinforcing the importance of vaccines to my little ones.

It’s because of these conversations, often fostered by books or shows that begin the dialog, that my children are not afraid to get their shots. I have not had complaints when I tell them they will be getting their vaccines, and I never have. And they do not have any fear of the doctor.

When you introduce these concepts and begin the conversation with your children, you are giving them the mindset that this is about the greater good. Vaccinations are about protecting yourself and those around you–especially your little siblings. Thanks to author Ann D. Koffsky, children may be just a bit braver when they walk into the doctor’s office after reading Judah Maccabee Goes to the Doctor!

You can find Judah Maccabee Goes to the Doctor by Ann D. Koffsky here: https://www.amazon.com/Judah-Maccabee-Goes-Doctor-Koffsky/dp/1681155222/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1509199039&sr=8-1&keywords=maccabee+goes+to+the+doctor

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