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Pass me that fuzzy bread, please!

The colorful mold you see on the surface of food is just the tip of what is going on inside.

Let me set this up for you:

You wake up to a few mold spots on the underside of your only loaf of bread this morning, but you still have sandwiches to make for lunches and toast for the kid who now only eats toast for breakfast.

It’s just a few spots so do you cut them off and make due or toss the loaf and deal with the crying from said kid and complaints about missing peanut butter and jelly in the lunch boxes? You could slice that bottom off, right? I mean, those spots are just on the surface…

Well, health experts agree: Stear clear.

If you haven’t already studied the picture, go do that. If that’s not enough to keep you from ever picking mold off bread and eating it, then stay tuned.   Continue reading

Antibiotic Resistance


Antibiotics have been around since the 1920’s and play a huge role in the treatment of bacterial infections. But when used incorrectly, antibiotics can do more harm than good.

Treating infections is becoming increasingly more difficult. The overuse and misuse of antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance, which happens when the bacteria changes to survive antibiotics.

This can promote the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria–superbugs. Continue reading

Antibiotics and Viruses

Antibiotics do not fight viruses.

Do NOT take antibiotics when you have a viral infection. It will not make you feel better or be better. It can make you more sick. 

When you take antibiotics for a viral infection it can increase your risk of further infection by increasing antibiotic-resistance. When you take antibiotics for a viral infection it will kill the healthy bacteria in the gut, allowing more harmful bacteria to grow in it’s place–bacteria that can cause actual bacterial infection and bacteria that may become antibiotic resistant.

Do not pressure your doctor give you or your child antibiotics for a viral infection. Ask for ways to lessen the severity of symptoms, get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, and stay inside. Don’t share your cold with the community!