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Unboxing the Families Against COVID-19 Action Kit!

by TheVaccineMom

Today I unboxed the Families Against COVID-19 Action Kit! 

Families Against COVID-19 is an initiative by the Kimberly Coffey Foundation and the Emily Stillman Foundation to help educate communities across the United States on the importance of vaccination against COVID-19.

The initiative was started by two mothers, Patti and Alicia, who each lost their daughters to another vaccine-preventable disease called Meningitis B. They know that vaccines can mean the difference between life and death.

In memory of their daughters, the mission of both foundations is focused on meningitis education, but they felt it was important to use their stories to do their part during this public health emergency, and encourage others to do the same. Today, we have the power to help prevent COVID-19 with the COVID-19 vaccine.

That’s why Alicia and Patti have come together with other families that have lost loved ones to other vaccine-preventable diseases to share one simple message: Don’t take a chance. Get the COVID-19 vaccine today for you and your family!

Together, their goal is to make sure no other family has to go through what they went through. On the campaign’s website, FamiliesAgainstCOVID19.org, you can find simple, easy-to-understand information on COVID-19 prevention, including the vaccine. You can also download several of the materials in this box, or order a box of your own so you can advocate in your own community!

Head to familiesagainstcovid19.org for more!

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