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How can I help you?

by TheVaccineMom

We have boosters for a reason: To ensure full immunity is made.

A link between vaccines and autism has been disproven by many studies over decades.

Some vaccines contain trace amounts of mercury (thimerosal), but it’s a different kind of mercury than is found in things like fish. This form of mercury doesn’t accumulate and is eliminated from the body very quickly.

Vaccines do not cause active infection because the germs in the vaccines are either weakened, parts of the germ, or killed.

Your body skips the step of getting sick from the natural infection by making immunity to the germs in the vaccine. Should your body see the germ again (If it enters the body naturally), it will quickly take care of it and you will stay healthy!

What’s holding you back about getting yourself or your children vaccinates? I’d love to help you feel more with vaccines. Ask away!

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