Be the herd!

When a large portion of a community gets vaccinated they create a herd of immune people around those who are unable to be vaccinated, such as people with compromised immune systems, infants, and pregnant women.
By having a high number of vaccinated people in the community, these people who aren’t able to get their vaccines are more likely to be protected from disease.
You may think that if your child is left unvaccinated they will be protected by the herd. Well…how many other parents have thought the same thing?

By believing this and leaving your child without vaccination you are contributing to the pockets of unvaccinated in the community, creating holes in the herd. This leaves an opening for disease outbreak to occur.
Leaving your child out of the herd doesn’t only leave your child vulnerable but it leaves everyone who is unable to be vaccinated or who isn’t vaccinated vulnerable also.
Vaccines can save lives and by vaccinating you’re not just protecting your own children and yourself, you are protecting the community.
You are doing your fellow HUMANS a favor! You have the ability to save lives.

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