Chickenpox parties??

Someone mentioned “Chickenpox parties” the other day, and while I had heard of that before, this time it really got me heated. Of course, I went ahead and started searching out some information, because that’s what I do, and found some pretty disturbing photos. (Spare yourself from seeing them.) They weren’t photos of just the chicken pox (that’s not the disturbing part), they were photos of really sick and spotty children playing with healthy, happy children–children oblivious to the fact that next week they’d be itchy, fevery, and potentially extremely ill. Guys, these kids could end up in the hospital, or worse…
It’s making me sick just thinking about it right now.

So, there are lots of rumors floating around that “natural” immunity is better than “artificial” (*cringe*) vaccination. While it’s true that in some cases when infected with the disease the immunity can last longer, it’s not necessarily “better”.
The price paid for natural immunity can lead to long-term health problems such as paralysis, brain injury, liver cancer, deafness, and blindness, among many other serious injuries. Getting infected with vaccine-preventable diseases can even lead to death.
When you consider the risks associated with these diseases, vaccination is for sure the better choice.
Please, I’m begging you, please don’t take your healthy and happy child to a chickenpox party or any other party where they are exposed to a vaccine-preventable illness.

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