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Can you vaccinate your child if he is sick?

by TheVaccineMom
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You don’t need to go canceling your child’s vaccination appointment if he has the sniffles, cough, upset stomach, sore throat, ear infection, mild diarrhea, low-grade fever (less than 101*F), among whatever other mild symptoms may arise. He is still able to get his vaccinations, and here’s why:

Vaccines don’t make mild illnesses worse. In fact, your kiddo’s immune system battles millions of microbes and foreign antigens every day and vaccines offer only a teeny tiny fraction of those antigens for the immune system to process. For otherwise healthy children and babies, vaccines can not overload the immune system; in fact, that would be really hard to do. (For more about not being able to overload the immune system: HERE)

Vaccine also don’t make symptoms of mild illness worse. However, vaccines can SOMETIMES cause soreness and swelling at the injection site or mild fever.

Mild illnesses also don’t affect how the body responds to a vaccine. The same process and protection occur no matter if the child is healthy or dripping boogers.

What about if my child is taking antibiotics?

It’s still perfectly fine to get vaccinated. This also does not affect how a the body will respond to a vaccine.

But, what if he’s taking antivirals? 

He may get to sit this one out for a few weeks. Some antivirals may affect how the body responds to some vaccines. Check with your doctor if your child is on an antiviral such as Tamiflu.

What if he’s REALLY sick?

If your child has a moderate to serious illness please talk to your doctor about whether you need to hold off on vaccinating until your child is feeling better.

If your child has a chronic illness or has a previous serious allergic reaction to a vaccine he may not be able to receive some or all vaccinations, and this is something you and your doctor need to discuss.

What if I just don’t want to go?!

Is your child sick? Because if not, he could be without getting his vaccines! Please go.

Vaccinations are a gift you can give your child. 🙂

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