I got the flu vaccine but still got sick…

You could still get sick with the flu even if you get the flu shot, or it could be something else. Here are some reasons why you may have flu-like/flu symptoms even after you got the shot: You may be sick from some other respiratory virus like the common cold, which has some similar symptoms … Read moreI got the flu vaccine but still got sick…

Myth: You can get sick from the flu vaccine

The flu shot can NOT make you sick, however you may feel a few mild flu-like symptoms and that (in my opinion) could be a good thing. Let’s break it down.

When you get the SHOT you are getting a vaccine that contains either inactivated influenza viral particles OR one that is recombinant. What does that mean?

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Influenza vaccine information for children under 8

Kiddos with the highest risk of complications from the influenza virus are those aged 0-5, and the CDC is recommending all children age 6 months and older get the flu shot this year and every year. Children between the ages of 6 months and 8 years who are getting their FIRST flu shot will most … Read moreInfluenza vaccine information for children under 8

The Seasonal Influenza Virus Vaccine

It’s flu season again. And you have a decision to make. Should you get the flu vaccine this year?

Before you get started educating yourself on the influenza vaccine (and I applaud you for doing so), you may want to read the previous two articles in this flu education series:

  • So many people are confused about what influenza really is because the word “flu” is often misused and confused for various other sicknesses going on in the body. To familiarize yourself with the true flu symptoms and to understand why you should get vaccinated, please read: What is influenza, “the flu?”
  • Understanding a little more about how the influenza virus is constructed and how it mutates is also important in grasping why we all need to get the flu shot every year. I think you’ll be interested in reading more about the virus that causes the flu and learning: Why do we keep getting the flu over and over again?

Now that you’ve become flu savvy and have decided you are ready to make the choice to look into getting the vaccine, it’s important to know all you can before deciding which vaccine may be best for you and your loved ones.

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