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How are vaccines made and released to the public?

A vaccine’s main goal is to teach your immune system to recognize and remember a bacteria or virus.
The word “vaccination” means to stimulate the immune system to make antibodies¬†against the bacteria or virus targeted by the vaccine.
“Immunization” is different; it’s used in relation to injecting a person with pre-formed antibodies to a particular disease to make the person immune to it.
These terms are often used interchangeably, and that’s just fine, however it’s important to understand that these are two very different ways of creating immunity to a disease.

Rotavirus Vaccine (RV)

RotavirusMy one year old loves to stick everything she can into her mouth, including her fingers, toys, things that aren’t toys, the shopping cart handle–what I’m eluding to here is that children aren’t always the most clean creatures. However, they are cute, and we as parents want to protect them. It’s because of vaccines that we actually CAN protect them from some of the worst diseases. There’s one horrible virus in particular that’s highly contagious and loves to live on the surfaces of infected items, and that’s the rotavirus. Continue reading